How Strange Winter Weather Can End With Tree Consultation

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Different seasons can cause different effects on not just your property but your landscape as well, especially during the winter season. Winter is one of the harsher elements that your property and landscape can face and if you are not careful, you may miss some damages that will need to tend to at an early stage. With any season, there are chances of odd weather occurring and when it strikes during the winter season, there can be structural and developmental issues to your landscape, mainly your trees. 

While strange winter weather may not occur all the time throughout the winter season, it is best to keep in mind the different effects that may occur to your trees from these kinds of occurrences to know what to watch out for. 

Strange Winter Weather Effects

There can be different effects on your landscape when it comes to the winter season, especially when strange weather occurs. Depending on the type of weather, there are different effects with the following as the most prominent: 

Fungus Growth From Drastic Weather Change

An occurrence that can happen when a tree goes through unseasonably warm weather after undergoing a cold snap. Fungus growth can result in the production of a large amount of sap when a tree notices warm weather. Due to the lack of adaptation from the quick shift in weather conditions, your trees can develop both fungus and sap dripping from it. 

Occurrence of Root Shock

This can happen when a tree is not fully dormant during winter thus making it susceptible to winter shock. When strange weather occurs where it goes unseasonably warm to freezing the next day, it can pause the growth of the tree’s roots. Once soil temperatures dip below 36°, root growth slows down, and once the soil has frozen, growth pauses, resulting in damaged roots. A way that you can prevent this is by adding mulch around the base of your trees to insulate the roots. This allows a buffer between the cold frigid air and the soil, maintaining the warmth of the tree’s roots.

Delayed Spring Bloom is Expected

Aside from possible damages to your tree’s roots, strange winter weather can result in a stunt in blooming for the spring season. There may be a chance that your tree experienced sporadic blooming due to a reaction to the strange weather. While delayed blooming may not generally be cause for alarm with your landscape, it would be advisable to refer to an arborist to prevent any further damage to your trees.

There are different services options that you can select from to tend to your landscape overall but an arborist can have your trees and plants not only maintained but staying healthy for a long time. Among the choices of services that you can select from, one option that you can go for is Ballarat Arborist.

Why Consider Ballarat Arborist For Your Trees

While you have the option to maintain your own trees and shrubbery with pruning and careful watch, having an arborist service can help provide expert advice on how to deal with odd weather impacts. With Ballarat Arborist, you can be assured of a quality service that does its best to meet the customer needs and provide dependable consultation with their specialists. From caring for your trees to determining the best way to maintain their health without compromising the landscape, Ballarat Arborist is a service you will want to consider. 


Your trees can go through a lot through different seasons, much more so during the winter season. It does not help that there are cases of strange weather in the winter that can cause damages to roots or stunted growth. Because of this, it would be best to consult an arborist on the best options for your landscape. Out of the different services to choose from, Ballarat Arborist is a recommended choice for full customer satisfaction. With the proper care and knowledge on what to look out for, your trees can last as long as they should in any season.