What To Prepare For Storm Season With Your Home and Yard

Electric wires torn down by a tree that fell during Tropical Storm
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Wherever you may be or whatever weather you may face, it is always good to be prepared for anything your property may end up facing. Out of the different situations that you will want to be prepared for, storm season is one to put on top of the list. Storm season can be a hectic thing to go through with how much can happen in both your area and property. No matter the type of storm, there are different ways that you can prepare for it, whether it be a heavy storm or an actual hurricane. 

A Checklist for Storm Preparation

There are a number of things that you will want to prepare for when a storm strikes. Among the different storm scenarios, you will want to have a checklist for, preparation for a hurricane is one of the more concrete lists which include the following:

Make a Basic Storm Kit

The very first thing you will want to prepare/have in hand with any storm situation is a basic storm kit. It should be able to get you and your household through 48 hours without electricity and basic services with all the right necessities. These necessities are a whistle, blankets, garbage bags, batteries, a three-day water supply and two days worth of food.

Locate Water, Gas, and Electricity Shut Offs

With whatever storm may occur, there is always a chance of either your water, electricity, or gas being affected. This step is also another first priority you will want to have in mind for the preparation of any announcements from local officials. You can also consider this as a safety measure for your property.

Check All Windows, Doors and Garage Doors

When it comes to an oncoming hurricane situation, it is best to prepare your home for those conditions with shutters. Plus bracing your doors and secure your garage door to prevent any heavy damages to these features.

Lower Your Freezer and Refrigerator to the Lowest Setting

A storm or hurricane always brings a high likelihood of power outage and because of this, it is advised to lower the temperature of the food inside your fridge and freezer so that they can last longer if the power goes out. 

Unplug All Electrical Appliances Upon Power Outage

You have the option to unplug all appliances prior to the storm as well but the main point is to have them unplugged should a power outage occur. This can prevent any damage that could happen from a power surge. 

Review Evacuation Plans

Depending on what is predicted with the storm, you will want to prepare for all contingencies by picking two locations to go to for safety in the event of an emergency. It is advised that you should also have one out-of-town person as an emergency contact and create a list of emergency contacts to keep in a reliable, readily available place.

Gather Insurance Documents

While there are different things that you will want to prioritize first when prepping for a storm, making sure you have your insurance papers and other important documents in hand is an important thing for your checklist. It is advised to have them packed in a waterproof bag inside your storm kit. By having them, you will have proof of coverage speeds, claims and assistance in the storm’s aftermath. 

How Ballarat Arborist Can Help With Storm 

Aside from the mentioned checklist to prepare your property for any storm situation, you will also want to check your general outdoor space. This includes checking your roof for ant needs for repair and clearing your gutters and downpipes. Landscape wise, you will want to check that all overhanging branches near the home have been trimmed back and removed from the property.

This is where Ballarat Arborist can help you with. Ballarat Arborist is a professional service team that can help with any needs involving your trees and shrubbery with customer satisfaction as their main goal. If you are unsure what the best options for your landscape are, Ballarat Arborist can provide reliable consultation to help.


There are different ways that you can prepare your property and yourself from storms but having a concrete list always helps. While there is plenty that you can prepare for, from checking your windows and checking your kits, there are some things you may want assistance with like clearing and checking your landscape. By having a service like Ballarat Arborist, you can have full coverage in preparing and clearing your property to stand against any storm. Overall, preparation can provide a lot for your home during storm season.