Tree Planting Ballarat


Tree Planting Service

There are instances when you need to remove trees. One reason could be because it’s leaning on a wall or because it’s obstructing a pathway. However, as often as one removes trees, one should always remember to plant a new one to create a sustainable environment. One should replace the removed tree, and as people who have a duty to the earth, this is what kind of service we offer to our clients. We are providing our clients with the opportunity, as tree lovers, to plant new trees.


We Show Up

integrity is our top priority. We believe in keeping promises and treating clients with respect, so we never back out or cancel on a quote without giving at least 24 hours notice to the customer first – even if something comes up last minute!

Fair Pricing

We’re not gonna charge you a fortune, just because we can. Yes, there’s been an increase in demand for tree services lately but that doesn’t mean our prices have gone up too! We still think it’s important to be fair and reasonable so this will always remain true no matter what happens.

We Keep Things Tidy

We take great pride in our work and hope that you will too. We always keep the place spotless when we are done with it, so don’t worry about a thing! We understand how important your home and property are, so we make sure it’s always cleaned up after each visit from us-just like one of ours!

Tree Planting Benefits

There are plenty of reasons why you should engage in tree planting. Not only is it beneficial to you and your property, but also the community. Placing trees in yards helps provide shade for you and your family. Trees also give fresh oxygen, which everyone needs for their well-being and personal health. Not only that but Planting trees and creating a garden can increase your property value since it enhances your curb appeal.

Choosing a Tree

Our services offer clients the opportunity to plant various tree species. We will advise which areas to grow to produce the best long term results. Our service gives clients the freedom and power to choose which type of tree goes best with their property.

Common trees can be planted on the day of assessment. However, if you are looking for rare and exotic trees that fit your lawn’s whole aesthetic, additional lead time is required to provide you with those kinds of trees. Our team recommends that you let us know of your desired tree in advance so that our team can make sure you have what you’re looking for.

Tree Relocation

Tree relocation is an alternative solution. If the tree isn’t putting the community’s health at risk and is merely outgrowing the other trees, our team may suggest relocation. Instead of cutting the tree down or killing it completely, you could relocate the tree to a better environment. Tree relocation can be a complicated process. It requires heavy equipment and experts to safely and humanely remove the tree and relocate it to the best possible environment.

Our team of Experts

Arborists are tree experts who study, help cultivate and manage the trees. They are experts in fertilisation, growth process, pruning, and other methods that help in the health and maintenance of trees.

As our company ensures only the best for our clients, we likewise only hire the best-certified arborists to consult which action is more appropriate for the situation and perform such services.