Stump Removal Ballarat


Proficient and Professional Stump Removal in Ballarat

Whenever you find yourself in a troubling situation where a tree may be leaning against a wall or some dangerous wiring, tree removal is the usual and obvious solution. But what happens after can be challenging. You are now left with a deep, stubborn stump that once gave life to that tree. Stump removal isn’t an easy feat and should be performed by professionals to prevent yourself from any potential injuries. Stump removal requires not only great technique and precision but also the right equipment. So, you need to call the right people in Ballarat for proper stump removal.


We Show Up

integrity is our top priority. We believe in keeping promises and treating clients with respect, so we never back out or cancel on a quote without giving at least 24 hours notice to the customer first – even if something comes up last minute!

Fair Pricing

We’re not gonna charge you a fortune, just because we can. Yes, there’s been an increase in demand for tree services lately but that doesn’t mean our prices have gone up too! We still think it’s important to be fair and reasonable so this will always remain true no matter what happens.

We Keep Things Tidy

We take great pride in our work and hope that you will too. We always keep the place spotless when we are done with it, so don’t worry about a thing! We understand how important your home and property are, so we make sure it’s always cleaned up after each visit from us-just like one of ours!

Chemical Treatment

An effective way to remove tree stumps is through chemical treatment by drilling holes into the tree stump and injecting a specially designed poison into the tree. The chemical will then travel to the tree’s ends, which will cause the tree to die off but won’t affect the other plants and greenery in the surrounding area.

Brute Force

Another strategy for stump removal requires pure strength and horsepower. It involves forcing the tree out from the ground. This method is achieved by cutting the stump in targeted areas and using heavy machinery to pull out the tree stump cleanly. The result is an efficiently removed tree stump with minimal cosmetic damage in the soil, which is naturally unavoidable in stump removal.

Although our team may provide both methods, the right approach depends wholly on the type of tree and the tree’s age. Best be assured that both ways can be done efficiently by our team of experts.

Why Remove Tree Stumps

There are many reasons why you should consider stump removal in Ballarat:

  • For safety purposes: Although it might not affect you directly, tree stumps are obstacles that could lead to several injuries. Children who enjoy running around or older people with poor eyesight are especially vulnerable.
  • Tree stumps can attract several pests and termites such as ants and cockroaches.
  • Tree stumps also attract various fungi from nearby trees, which could spread all over your property.
  • Tree stumps are usually considered unsightly, so if you are a gardener, it might even change the look of your garden or landscaping plans.

Situations We Aim To Avoid

As diligent gardeners or landowners, we should entirely avoid having a large leftover hole where the tree or stump once stood. You would want to remove tree stumps because you either want to have a flat lawn or put something else in its place. No one wants a giant hole left behind in their property as it would create more problems. Our stump removal service professionally completes this task. Our experts understand the process and ensure only the best for every client. Not only can we cleanly remove the stump, but we also fill and tamp down the soil to ultimately ensure the flat lawn you once had.