3 Shade Trees to Plant in Summer

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Are you thinking of upscaling your landscaping this summer? Well, if you are, you can consider integrating trees that provide shade into your yard. For those looking forward to summer days filled with cookouts, picnics, recreational activities, and other outdoor adventures, you can beat the heat with the help of this dependable feature of nature. At Ballarat Arborists, whether you have a compact patio or an extensive backyard, we can provide you with a tree that will best suit your needs and preferences. So if you are scouring for recommendations, check out these top three trees to plant for shade in summer. 

Ginkgo Tree

The Ginkgo also referred to as Maidenhair Tree, is a resilient tree that can easily adjust to any kind of soil variety and grow well in almost any weather condition. Its unique fan-shaped foliage is green at first, but it changes to golden yellow during fall. That is why many people in Ballarat have it as their specimen tree in their landscaping. 


  • It can be planted even in a small garden and can be used as a focal point in a yard because of its beautiful leaves. 
  • Ginkgo trees are great for sunny days because they can grow around 80 to 100 feet and have a 60-foot spread, so you can stay in the shade when playing or relaxing outside. 
  • This tree is not very picky with the soil condition and soil variety it is planted in. It can grow well on acidic or alkaline soil. 
  • It has a beautiful and sturdy gray bark. 


Once your Ginkgo tree has matured, it requires less upkeep. It is because its root systems can easily adapt and dig deep into the ground where you planted it. Young Ginkgos love moist soil, but when they reach maturity, they can become drought-tolerant. Besides that, this tree highly resilient to disease, urban pollution, or insect problems and does not need a tree fertilizer once they are matured. 

Kentucky Coffeetree

The Kentucky Coffeetree is favored by many property owners in Ballarat because of its uniqueness. While this tree does not literally provide you coffee to brew, it is still a great tree to have in your yard. When it is still young, its foliage can have a shade of pink and bronze, but as it grows older, its leaf tops change into dark blue-green. 


  • People in urban areas choose this tree because it is hardy against pollution from vehicles. Besides that, due to its narrow crown, you can easily fit it in your small yard. 
  • It can strive in various soil types, including dry, alkaline, or compacted soil. 
  • It has large compound foliage that provides excellent shade during summer.
  • Since the seeds of Kentucky Coffeetree are poisonous to most animals, you will not have a problem with insect infestation. 


Since this tree can grow well in different soil types and is not prone to insect issues, you just have to focus on cleaning up its litter. Kentucky Coffeetrees have large seed pods that drop in spring. 

Magnolia Tree

Magnolia is one of the popular choices for Australian yards because of the variety to choose from and its versatility. It has deep green foliage with a bronze reverse, so it looks unique and eye-catching for your household.


  • With their beautiful flowers and light fragrance, Magnolias are used as a feature tree in many gardens. 
  • This tree is also ideal during summer because of its lush foliage that provides a great shade in your outdoor space. 
  • Magnolias can grow in different climates, even in coastal conditions. 


For you to achieve healthy and beautiful flowers for your Magnolia, make sure to water it well and find suitable mulch for it. Once Magnolias mature, they can be very hardy, so you just have to regularly water them. 


No matter what shade tree you decide to have in your yard, our team of certified professionals in Ballarat Arborists is always willing to help you have it conveniently. Through our years of providing top-notch results and comprehensive tree care solutions throughout the town, we have established a trusted and dependable service. If you are still unsure what shade tree to integrate into your space or wish to know more about the other services we can extend to you, just drop us a line or accomplish the form below to get started.